Tech Stack


Used for both frontend and backend development.

Enables declarative and efficient UI development with a component-based approach.

Used for SEO optimization, fast page loading, and easy data fetching.

Used for fast and easy design creation and to reduce complexity in CSS styling.


JavaScript runtime for building scalable network applications.

Used for backend logic and data processing tasks without managing servers.

Enables high development speed with its flexible schema, storing and querying data efficiently.

Provides high data consistency and reliability, with strong community support and scalable architecture.


Facilitates collaboration and prototyping for web and mobile application designs.

Other Tools

Optimized for deploying and hosting Next.js applications.

Provides easy implementation of secure login features, saving development time.

Helps development teams manage work flows efficiently and track project progress.

Used for storing static files, data backup, and big data analytics due to its durability and availability.

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